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Raw Dairy Fact #2: Activator X

Ready to learn more about the amazing properties of raw dairy? Today let’s look at what’s known as Activator X.

Raw Dairy Fact #2: Dairy Products from Cows on Spring Grass Contains Activator X

So what’s Activator X? Weston A Price, a dental scientist around 1900 conducted experiments on thousands of food samples he collected in his journeys around the world. He visited indigenous peoples, examining their traditional diets, and found an unknown vitamin he called Activator X. We now call Activator X by the name of vitamin K2 — a fat-soluble vitamin obtained mostly from animal sources [1].

Among the people Dr. Price visited, he found those who had not consumed processed sugar and white flour (and other “refined” foods in the modern western diet) but had grown up on their culture’s traditional foods, had astounding dental structures and brilliant white, straight teeth. Dr. Price was looking for the reason why these people’s teeth developed so perfectly as he did his experiments. Truly, a dentist with a mission!

Fast forward to the present. We now have chronicled the vitamin Dr. Price called Activator X as vitamin K2, and are becoming aware of the benefits of this fat-soluble vitamin in our health.


Vitamin K2 is partly responsible for developing good facial bone structures in children as they grow up because it activates proteins that are responsible for depositing calcium and phosphorus in your bones and teeth [2]. One sign of a deficiency in K2 was noted as “a small and sunken-in nose, what Dr. Price referred to as the ‘underdevelopment of the middle third of the face [3].'”

Activator X is not present in all dairy products, but is found primarily in the milk from cows and other animals whose main diet is grass. Springtime is when the vitamin content of grass is highest, so it’s no wonder that the highest levels of Activator X is in spring milk from grazing herds.

Thankfully, with resources like the Weston A Price Foundation and, we can learn about the amazing benefits of raw dairy, including Activator X, and begin making wise decisions to provide for our family’s nutrition.



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Peter Bartlett is a husband, son, brother, and animal lover who manages the cattle and creamery at Bartlett Farms. His passion is to help parents make diet and lifestyle changes that enable their children to succeed in a toxic world.


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