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Vote For Calf Names!

Can you help us out? It’ll just take a second.

Owners in our cow-share program own real dairy cows that provide them with fresh raw milk. Since every cow has to have a calf about once a year, we try to share that experience with the cow’s owners.

This year we took a survey and asked the owners to come up with a few ideas for names for their cow’s calf. We actually collected quite a handful! Now it’s time to narrow it down to only the best.

Take a look at the calves in the pictures below… they were born just last week.

The first calf came from Tulip and is a bull (boy). 

The second calf came from Carmen and is a heifer (girl). 

Now scroll through the list below and choose which names you would like see used for these two calves. We’ll post the winners next week.

Create your own user feedback survey 


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  1. Momma Wilkins

    The dogwood is the state flower of Virginia and North Carolina and has been attributed with Christian symbolism over the years. I cannot look at one without remembering the cross. The American dogwood bark is full of tanin and was used by confederate soldiers in place of quinine in the Civil War.

  2. Katrina Baker

    I don’t see a list to choose from for names

    • Bartlett Farms

      Hi Katrina,
      Some browsers may have issues seeing the check boxes. Can you try another browser or device? Thanks!


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